First Impressions: 2014 Ford Escape

A sporty yet practical crossover or a cross between a Fusion and a Focus that seems to lack identity? After a quick 20 minute test drive, these are our first impressions of the 2015 Ford Escape.

2015_Ford EscapeExterior:

The 2015 Escape has not changed greatly from the 2014.  Looking like the crossover love child of the Lexus RX and Ford Fusion, the Escape is stylish without being showy.


The Escape is built on Ford’s C Global Platform that is also used for the Focus and, as soon as you get behind the seemingly undersized wheel of the Escape, you feel like you’re about to drive a Focus. The engine starts, you take off down the road, and you realize you really are driving a Focus. Granted, you’re sitting taller but the vehicle handles like the Focus. It’s almost unexpected- very much unlike an SUV.

2015_Ford EscapeSeating/Storage:

Calling the Ford Escape a “small crossover” is definitely spot on- except in the trunk storage area which is sizable. Also, while we may not call it cramped, we have definite concerns about how close little feet will get to the driver and passenger seat when they hang over their car seat.

While the middle arm rest storage is abundant, it is shaped to vertically fit a 2-liter bottle better than cords, adapters, a tube of lip balm and the small package of facial tissues that many of us tend to store in areas like that.


When it comes to the infotainment area, we couldn’t figure out why the radio position is horizontal with a dial in the middle instead of the traditional vertical alignment- its just awkward.

The angle of the shifter is steep causing barely enough room for a large hand to shift without bumping the radio and certainly too close to be able to see what is displayed on the radio while the car is in reverse or park.

The Drive:

Driving the Escape was not adventurous. It wasn’t sporty, fun, arduous, or taxing. It was simply “meh.” How did it accelerate? Fine. How did it brake? Just fine. If the Escape excels in anything, it’s in how little thought you have to give to driving it.

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