8 Miles to the Gallon & $1,000,000+ of Luxury

With eight Samsung LED LCD flat screens, an electronic liquor-dispensing system, rain shower with integrated LED lighting in the ceiling, two televisions in the drivers area, sky lounge rooftop, pop-out patio, ice machine, fridge, full-sized grill, six-foot long table and surround sound you’ll never need to actually leave home to feel the luxury lifestyle. But, you can and you’ll get 8 miles to the gallon in the new $1,000,000+ RV offering from Marachi.

The eleMMent is a new take on the luxury mobile home (that’s the new fancy word for RV but doesn’t mean trailer) that looks like the vehicle version of the megamouth shark.

…and we thought the Boortz Bus was nice.

photo courtesy of Marchi Mobile

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