Do Recalls Affect Vehicle Sales?

Since January 1, General Motors has recalled 18.66 million vehicles. Think about that number- 18.66 million. That’s more cars recalled than there are people in Illinois and Ohio combined.

In an interview with USA Today about the recalls, George Hoffer, transportation economist at the University of Richmond and auto industry expert with over 40 years experience, says, despite the public continuing to hear about these recalls, his research shows that recalls have no effect on sales for a company’s new or used vehicles.

Don’t believe it? blogger Kelsey Mays wrote a great article comparing 2012 and 2013 vehicle sales by brand versus recall statistics and the results are, or rather- should be, unsettling for the informed consumer.

Surprisingly, it’s true. Statistics prove that recalls don’t effect vehicle sales. As a consumer are you ignoring the news and heading to buy your Malibu anyway?

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