2 Goals, 2 Seats, 3 Wheels

In 2008, as gasoline prices were skyrocketing engineer Paul Elio–a self-described car enthusiast and visionary–complained about the prices and US oil dependency to the point his wife challenged him to do something about it.  And so he has.

Elio began the next day with two goals in mind, provide an affordable commuter transportation option and provide American jobs.  The concept was completed the next year.  The result is the Elio, a three-wheeled fully enclosed tandem two-seater developed with four benchmarks in mind:

  • 84 MPG highway
  • Engineered for a 5-star Crash Test Safety Rating
  • American made
  • All for a price of $6800

With a home base in Phoenix, AZ, Elio plans to begin production in the first quarter of 2015 in the former General Motors Shreveport Operations plant in Caddo Parish, LA.  Projected employment figures have been publicized to be 1500, a list of suppliers already lined up, and 90% of the Elio’s parts will come from suppliers in North America.

While the benchmarks are visionary in the auto industry and the design seems radical, over 17,000 reservations have been made for Elio’s as of May 9th.

image courtesy of Elio Motors

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