First Impressions: 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Does a great off-road vehicle make a great on-the-road vehicle? How does it ride and drive on our usual paved pathways? A 20 minute drive was long enough to get some answers.


Any Jeep is discernibly a Jeep. While the Grand Cherokee has rounded its lines to become more bubble/beetle shaped in the past few years, the Cherokee is as recognizable, and as unobjectionable, as ever.


The version of the Grand Cherokee we drove was well-appointed and plush. Comfortably stuffed leather seats were a highlight as well as sleek controls that were easy to reach and use.


Driving on sand, snow, mud, a steep incline, or rock? Simply switch your Grand Cherokee to its most applicable drive setting and you’re off! There is also the ability to change the height the Grand Cherokee rides at will which seems like it would take a bit of getting used to for the usually on-the-road driver. Our twenty minute test drive was definitely not enough time.

2015 Jeep Grand CherokeeSeating/Storage:

As we already said, the seating is a true highlight of the Grand Cherokee. We also like the center armrest (it’s the little things, people), and the braided rope storage areas on the back seats of the driver and passenger, which makes it extremely difficult for a child to leave a crayon in the heat of the car to melt.


The infotainment system is easy to navigate, well-positioned for both drive and passenger to easily reach. While not as large as screens in other vehicles, the size perfectly fits in the center console, giving the Grand Cherokee a well thought out-looking control center. The location of the outlets on the side of headrest of the front passenger seats were mystifying and certainly unattractive.

The Drive:

Driving the Jeep Cherokee feels more like piloting a boat- or a, early 1990s Buick Regal. On a smooth road, it’s not fun- it’s mundane. It handles well around corners, takes speed well ,and rides comfortably. It’s just not exciting which may all change once you get it off-road- something we’d love to do.

top image courtesy of Chrysler


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