Which Mid-Sized Sedan is Perfect for Your Next Road Trip?

What is the most important thing to consider before you set off on a road trip with your family?

Besides the obvious of knowing where you’re going, making sure you’re fully fueled, and ensuring you don’t leave a kid (or grandparent) behind, proper storage and space will ensure that your entire family will arrive at your destination still speaking to each other.

To figure out which mid-sized sedan is the best fit for your family’s next road trip, we ranked eight of them in three different categories- cargo volume/trunk space, front legroom, and rear legroom. Here’s what we found:

Midsized Sedan Comparison

Overall, the Ford Fusion has the best combination of space with the Honda Accord coming in a close second. When compared to SUVs in their respective brands, the Fusion has more front legroom than the Edge and Escape while the Accord has more front and rear legroom than the CR-V.

Does that make the sedan a better option for a road trip?

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