Chevrolet Introduces Valet Spying Feature

Ever wonder what your valet is doing while you’re shopping or dining?

Chevrolet introduced the Performance Data Recorder (PDR) for 2014 Corvettes which allows drivers to keeping track of their performance numbers on track day, includes a 720p high-definition camera mounted in the interior windshield trim—to give a driver’s view picture—and in-cabin microphone to record audio. The system also records black box-like telemetry data to include RPM, speed, gear position, and g-force. The system records to an 8-gigabyte SD-card in the glove box and holds up to 200 minutes of driving footage.

For the 2015 model, Chevrolet has added a level of functionality for the PDR they refer to as Valet Mode. Valet Mode is activated by entering a four digit code which locks interior storage bins (including the glove box where your SD-card is kept) and allows the owner to activate the PDR components. Owners can view any footage on the Corvette’s 8” infotainment screen when they return to their vehicle, or data can be downloaded later.

“Think of it as a baby monitor for your car,” said Harlan Charles, Corvette product manager. “Anyone who has felt apprehension about handing over their keys will appreciate the peace of mind of knowing exactly what happened while their baby was out of sight.”

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