Ford Revolutionizes America’s Favorite Pickup

Ford has spent years developing the new for 2015 Ford F-150 leading to, “the reinvention of America’s favorite pickup.” A stated goal in that reinvention was to be sure the new model lived up to its standard of being Built Ford Tough. In the process Ford spent significant time, effort, and no doubt money on two areas many of their customers may not think of in terms of toughness.

2015 F-150’s will feature what Ford says are a segment first- LED headlamps. Ford partnered with its longtime lighting developers OSRAM and Flex-N-Gate to develop the LED headlamps worthy of the tough label.

John TeodeckiDesigners created a unique lens made up of 16 layers and 80 facets to magnify the light and spread the light more evenly. The lens technology and semiconductor chips allow the headlamp to use one LED per lamp. Ford soaked the 11lb headlamp units in saltwater, shot them with rocks and rock salt and ice, and exposed them to extreme heat and sunlight before deeming them as tough enough. Ford lighting expert John Teodecki proclaimed the units as “very tough to crack” as he stood atop one.

Additionally, Ford sent parts developed for the F-150 to their Central Lab in Florida with the goal of developing parts and components that will keep the 2015 F-150 looking showroom sharp in 2020. Badging was exposed to the equivalent of 5 years of damaging UV rays as well as temperature extremes from -40 Celsius to 10 Celsius steam to ensure chrome plating adheres and to check for warping or cracking. Exterior and interior parts were left on outside racks to be exposed to sunlight for up to 6 months. A special xenon light was used to examine the parts for signs of disintegration and fading. Ford also used the lighting lab to check for glare inside the vehicle in all lighting conditions to be sure each screen and control was always visible to the driver.

Ford will soon begin delivery of F-150’s to dealerships across the US. Test drives of the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 are available in some areas from October through December 21 through before delivery to dealerships begins.

images courtesy of Ford Motor Company

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