Tesla Now Leasing Family-Friendly Model S

Want a Tesla but don’t want to pay upwards of $69,000 for a new car? Good news! The Model S, a family-friendly sedan offering 5+2 seating (yes, you ready that correctly) is available for retail customers to lease starting at $5,000 down and $932 a month.

For those of you looking to convince your significant other that the Model S is a great family car/sports car combination that also just so happens to be eco-friendly, we put together a list of its top five most family-friendly attributes:

2014 Model S1.)  5+2 Seating – Boasting the capacity to fit five children and two adults inside it’s a seating arrangement that you just need to see to believe.

2.)  No tailpipe. Zero emissions. – Tesla boosts eco-friendly fuel usage that will have you never going to a gas station ever again. Soon you’ll realize you’ve stopped looking for the lowest price at the pump around town. That means more money to put toward that lease.

3.)  Customizable center console – No matter what the size of your smartphone or how big your water bottle is, you can adjust the holes and trays in the Model S’s center console to fit your needs. Every driver wishes that was an industry standard.

4.)  Long Battery Life – This ain’t no Leaf, this ain’t no Prius, this ain’t no BMW i3. This is a Tesla that gets 208-265 miles per charge depending on which lithium-ion battery you get with your model. That’s double the capacity of the less family-friendly i3 we just drove.

5.)  It’s undeniably cool – I mean, just look at it. From the logo to the body styling, the Tesla has the best some of the best looking lines on a vehicle today. How cool will your wife look pulling up in the carpool line in the hot hatch? Date night dinner? Let the valet park your all-electric sedan that has the same number of seats as the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport.

images courtesy of Tesla Motors

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