Suburban Premium Outdoors Uses Salvaged Wood in Tailgate Package

The auto industry didn’t make Detroit but it did enhance it’s luster. Now, Detroit is helping improve the luster of it’s hometown automaker’s longest-running, continually produced nameplate, the Chevrolet Suburban.

The new Chevrolet Suburban Premium Outdoors concept features a handcrafted table and benches made of recycled wood salvaged from purposefully deconstructed Detroit homes.

As part of a custom tailgating package the table and benches were designed and built by Workshop, a furniture company whose products are made almost entirely of salvaged wood and materials. It includes material from three deconstructed homes – and each section is stamped with the donor home’s address.

“Using salvaged materials like this is more than simply recycling and keeping valuable materials out of a landfill – it’s about preserving something tangible from Detroit’s history,” said James Willer of Workshop. “That house may no longer exist, but a piece of its legacy lives on.”

It’s been a fast rise for Workshop which started a year ago as a pop-up shop during the holiday season and is now in a permanent location in Detroit’s Fischer building – in the heart of the city’s resurgent Midtown district.

The Suburban Premium Outdoors is one of a trio of outdoors-themed concept trucks and full-size SUVs introduced by Chevy at the SEMA Show. In addition to the salvaged-wood table and benches, the concept tailgating package also includes:

  • a big-screen, smart HDTV mounting in the cargo area
  • custom Pepperdust exterior color with Warm Tarnished accents
  • Chevrolet Accessories 22-inch wheels with body-color accents
  • Leather-trimmed, Saddle and Cocoa-colored cabin
  • Warm Tarnished trim accents and a suede-trimmed headliner.

As of publication, there is no production information available about bringing the Chevrolet Suburban Premium Outdoors concept to market.

image courtesy of Chevrolet

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