5 Things Every Family Should Have in Their Vehicle During a Road Trip

Heading out on a family road trip? These are our must-haves for every road trip:

1.)  Puffs SoftPack – Nothings says “road trip” quite like one of the kids having or getting the sniffles. This soft sided portable yet water resistant package of tissues is a godsend. They fit perfectly in the glove compartment, dashboard shelf, or center console without being small enough to get lost like the mini to-go packs offered by competitors. ($1.99 at Target)

2.)  Diono Stow ‘n Go – Crayons, water bottles, notebooks, wipes, and more are out of the way and on the back seat during your travels. As an added bonus, kids won’t want to kick their supplies and possibly break them so you won’t have to worry about feet in your back. ($10.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond)

3.)  CamelBak Kids eddy Water Bottle – Pretty much spill proof, this water bottle is perfect for kids who have mastered using a straw. Filling up the water bottle at rest stops gives your kids a chance to get out of the car, stretch their legs, and run around while at the same time keeping them away from sugar filled drinks. ($13.00 at REI)

4.)  Crayola Doodle Magic Lap Desk – We can’t say enough about how important a lap desk is for kids. Sure, they can color and write better using it in the car but when you add a piece of non-slip shelf liner, the lap desk istantly becomes a building platform for LEGO bricks and K’nex. We love that you can actually write on this lap desk. ($24.99 at Target)

5.)  Diono Travel Pal – This flexible sided organizer is the perfect place to LEGO bricks, books, and brochures to find a home during a trip. It’s big enough kids can cram a lot into it but small enough it won’t bother their seating arrangement. Plus, it helps them keep to their own sides of the seat. ($14.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond)

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