OnStar Set to Diagnose Future Service Needs of Chevy Vehicles

Maybe it’s time to remove that oil change sticker from your windshield. Chevrolet customers with OnStar 4G LTE technology will soon be able to enroll in a program designed to predict service problems before vehicle performance is affected.

In a move designed to help customers avoid costly repairs, the program will use existing monitoring and OnStar connectivity technology to gather information from certain key components to include the battery, starter, and fuel pump. This information will run through proprietary algorithms to predict issues with those components and notify drivers of potential problems.

OnStar Chevrolet

The service will be available on a few models initially. Look for it on select 2016 Chevrolet Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, Silverado and Silverado HD models equipped with certain powertrains. Chevy looks to expand availability to more of its vehicles throughout the 2016 model year.

In older vehicles, customers with an active OnStar account can currently use the RemoteLink app to monitor performance data such as tire pressure, oil life, etc. and receive this info via a monthly email. Chevy looks to expand this program in 2016 to allow customers the ability to constantly monitor these systems.

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