Which Vehicle Costs the Least to Own?

You see the sticker price, but what does it really cost to own a vehicle?

Every year Automotive Science Group uses its proprietary Automotive Performance Index™ to perform unique data-driven assessments on vehicles available in North America to determine which model in their category has the lowest cost of ownership. The data combines conventional vehicle specifications as well as environmental, social, and economic indicators for a purely objective assessment.

The all-new 2015 Hyundai Sonata won the 2015 BEST Economic Performance award which recognizes the vehicle as holding the lowest cost of ownership in its class. Additionally, the 2015 Sonata and Santa Fe Sport were both honored as BEST 5 All-Around Performance models indicating they achieved the highest combined social, environmental, and economic performance scores. The Sonata was selected from a group of 64 full-size cars while the Santa Fe Sport was chosen from a field of 132 mid-size SUV’s.

“The Automotive Science Group recognizes Hyundai’s continued commitment to innovation, while holding corporate social responsibility initiatives as fundamental pillars of product development,” said Colby Self, managing director of the Automotive Science Group. “Maintaining these commitments, while also producing vehicles that are the preferred economic choice for consumers, is indeed a noteworthy achievement.”

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