OnStar Brings Their Own Brand of Concierge Service to Consumers

Need a flight or hotel reservation but you’re driving and you don’t have time to pull over and use your phone or tablet? Need a cup of coffee and can’t remember where the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is? Enter OnStar’s latest addtion- concierge service.

“On the heels of our 4G LTE connectivity launch last year, OnStar will continually roll out powerful, simple ways to bring daily-relevant connected vehicle features like AtYourService to complement our foundation of safety and security technology,” said Mark Lloyd, consumer online officer for OnStar. “We will continue to innovate in ways that make our customers’ time on the road more efficient and more convenient.”

AtYourService will roll out in the U.S. and Canada, where OnStar annually receives more than 35 million requests for directions and supports more than 53 million mobile app interactions.

Initial service partnerships include:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Priceline.com.
  • RetailMeNot
  • Entertainment Book
  • Parkopedia
  • Audiobooks.com

“We were seeing a growing segment of our business, with Priceline users making same-day reservations for hotels while driving in their cars,” said Randy Schartner, president of The Priceline Partner Network. “Making Priceline hotels available to drivers through OnStar in a safe and secure way is great way for Priceline consumers and GM drivers to become one and the same.”

This new service is set to continue to grow over time with new capabilities and more partnerships.

image courtesy of OnStar

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