Yukon’s Mom-Inspired Mirror Helps Watch Over Kids

When the R&D team wanted to know how they could make Chevrolet vehicles better appeal to families, they asked people heavily invested in the family vehicle experience- moms.

“As a mom, when it came time to design the next-generation Yukon and Yukon XL, I wanted to give our customers a better way of keeping tabs on their kids without forcing them to turn around and take their eyes off the road,” said Kay Jarboe, product manager for the 2015 Yukon and Yukon XL.

The development team for the 2015 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL used their own parental experiences as inspiration and decided upon adding a secondary rear-view mirror that helps drivers keep an eye on kids seated in the second and third rows calling it a “conversation mirror.”

How does it work? According to Chevrolet, “the mirror is integrated into the overhead console’s sunglass holder. Push once, and the compartment fully opens, allowing access to an eyeglasses holder. Partially close the compartment, and the mirror latches in position, providing a wide view of the SUV’s interior.”

“We wanted a mirror contour that provided a wide, door-to-door field of vision, allowing drivers to quickly monitor both back seats in a single glance,” said Jennifer Farah, an interior trim design engineer. “At the same time, we didn’t want the mirror to grow too large and eliminate room for a pair of glasses.  As a mom, I can truly see the value in keeping a watch over my kids without turning my head away from the road.”



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