First Impressions: 2015 Ford F-150

When is a full=sized truck too big? When do you know it’s just big enough? Fit for families? We took the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 out for a spin on the urban streets of Atlanta to see what it offers.


This is a pick-up truck that means business. The all-new headlamps make the model more aggressive while the front facia has been modernized without appearing too on-trend. Overall, the F-150 looks like a classic pick-up truck.


You’re driving a full-sized truck? You’d never know from the way the vehicle handles on city streets and around corners. Despite its impressive size, the F-150 drives more like a mid-sized sedan than something used to haul a boat. We’d never driven a full-sized truck before this but we were comfortable maneuvering it throughout the driving experience.

SPOILER ALERT -> Our only real gripe with the F-150 is its gear shift. The column shifter seemed to glide between gears a little too easily leaving us having to shift around to get where we wanted to be after slipping past it.


Meant as a workhorse, the F-150 has sufficient storage to make the truck your second (or first) office, the front seating area of the truck in no way can be construed as utilitarian. The F-150 feels luxurious with a touch of practicality utilizing materials that aren’t necessarily meant to be treated gently.

A deep center console easily fits files like the Chevrolet Suburban while cup holders are designed to fit numerous sizes of water bottles and canteens.

Rear seating is abundant. And, by abundant, we mean HUGE. Comfortably fitting three strapping men on their way to the job site, the F-150 was clearly meant to haul adults. That isn’t to say that kids won’t be comfortable. There’s plenty of room for up to three car seats across the back and there’s enough legroom to store a set of golf clubs on the floor while two adults are seated (admittedly not the most comfortable configuration).


Unfortunately, we didn’t get too much into the infotainment system. We were riding with a Ford rep and had abundant conversation centered on the F-150’s evolution. We did notice, however, that the basic heating and cooling controls were all intuitive, easily manageable while trying to adjust the interior during the cloudy then sunny then cloudy 80 degree day.
Overall, we were impressed with the Ford F-150. It looks good and it drives better than it looks. It’s absolutely the solution families are looking for if they need a work horse and a weekender all in one.


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images courtesy of Ford

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