Ford Engineers Intuitive Chimes for In-Vehicle Messaging

Your vehicle is speaking to you. Are you listening? The group at Ford Motor Company charged with ensuring vehicle harmony is working to make sure the messages are getting through to you – even if you don’t realize it.

A vital component to Ford’s Vehicle Engineering Division, the Vehicle Harmony group works on each brand’s illumination, haptic feel and sound. Part of that work are the pings and chimes that drivers and passengers hear as alerts and making sure vital alerts aren’t easily tuned out.

“Our inclination has been to add more sounds for more alerts, but people are getting chimed out,” Prescott said. “Because of that, our audio alerts must be intuitive – instantly recognized by drivers.”

Belt Minder

Blind Spot Information System

Collision Warning System

Cross Traffic Alert

SYNC 3 Chime

Ford vehicles have nearly 30 separate vehicle sounds are designed to have their own characteristics, each created based on the urgency of the message being conveyed. Are you listening?

image and sounds courtesy of Ford

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