Jaguar Ups Connectivity and Driver Control Options in 2016 XJ

Today Jaguar unveiled an updated, more connected XJ, its premium sedan, bringing the model in line with what competitors offer.


The all-aluminum luxury saloon car will come in four trim levels- XJ Luxury, Premium Luxury, Portfolio and XJR in addition to the newly Autobiography and R-Sport options.

On the vehicle’s exterior, Jaguar has added all-LED lights, a larger, more upright grille, and sculpted chrome “blades” that the manufacturer says, “emphasise the car’s mature, prestigious character.”

The rear end of the 2016 XJ has been modified to fall in line with the rest of the brand’s offerings with various trim levels modifying the look to be sportier or more sophisticated depending on the buyer’s preference.

Electric Power-Assisted Steering

After years of development Jaguar has added electric power-assisted steering to the XJ. Jaguar claims, “The technology is also an enabler for advanced driver assistance systems and improves efficiency.”

How does it work? Unlike hydraulic systems, EPAS only uses energy when the driver turns the wheel, reducing fuel consumption by up to three per cent.

2016 Jaguar XJ InfotainmentInfortainment

Featuring a quad-core Intel processor, 60GB solid-state drive and a next-generation Ethernet network, the new XJ’s InControl Touch Pro premium infotainment system features at its heart an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen.

Jaguar compares their screen to a smartphone screen revealing that it is fully customizable with the ability to change backgrounds and introduce widgets. The screen also registers pinch and zoom commands like a smartphone.


Jaguar boasts that its infotainment computing and storage capabilities allow for maps to be stored in the vehicle’s hard drive and can be used even when satellite service is unavailable due to location (ie. in the city).

InControl Touch Pro also enables door-to-door route planning and guidance, including public transport options. A companion app allows you to plan your route offline and then load it into the system at the start of the journey.

If road congestion is a problem, the XJ offers a solution- Commute Mode. When your vehicle is in that mode, it “learns” your daily drive then can offer alternative routes to avoid congestion based on historical data and real-time traffic information.

To find a parking space upon your arrival at your destination, Approach Mode displays a 360° interactive view of your destination as you get to within 200m, helping to direct you to the nearest available car parking space.

2016 Jaguar XJ Infotainment 2Apps

The new XJ will link drivers and passengers to their smartphones via in-car technology more than ever before. Via a USB cable, Apple and Android users will be able to utilize InControl Apps including Remote Essentials which enables customers to check the miles of fuel left, whether or not doors are locked, and if any windows were left open.

Remote Premium upgrades the user experience enabling the driver to remotely lock or unlock the car and receive alerts if the alarm goes off. Should the driver forget where the car is parked there’s a map to lead them straight to it. It also enables a remote start with climate control allowing the vehicle owner to start their vehicle then increase or decrease cabin temperature to their desired range.


Jaguar’s 2016 XJ acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot providing connection for up to eight devices with the vehicles antenna working to receive the signal.

InControl Secure

Jaguar employs InControl Secure, the company’s own version of OnStar, in the XJ. If 2016 XJ is stole, InControl can track the car giving off its coordinates to law enforcement agencies.

InControl Protect

When the vehicle is involved in a collision severe enough to deploy the airbags, InControl Protect automatically notifies emergency services and provides the vehicle’s GPS location. Occupants can also trigger an emergency call manually simply by pressing a button.

Driver Assist Technology

Jaguar’s latest XJ offers a variety of technology aimed at keeping drivers and passengers safer as they travel including:

  • Traffic Sign Recognition – Speed limits (including temporary signs) are read, combined with GPS data and displayed for the driver.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist – Working similary to other manufacturers’ offerings, Jaguar’s adaptive cruise control works on highways, rural roads, and stop and go traffic.
  • Closing Vehicle Sensing – In addition to monitering your blind spot, Cloding Vehicle Sensing expands “viewing” outside of the closest lanes warning XJ drivers of hazardous road companions who are driving erratically.
  • Semi-Autonomous Park-Assist – Working in both bay and parallel parking situations, ultrasonic sensors measure the space first and, if it’s long enough, the system enables the car to manoeuvre itself into position – and, in the case of parallel parking, out again. The driver just controls the accelerator, brakes and transmission.
  • Reverse Traffic Detection – When vehicles are approaching from either side and detected, the driver is given audible and visual warnings.

The 2016 Jaguar XJ will go on sale, complete with all these technologies in the United States in autumn 2015.

images courtesy of Jaguar




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