First Impressions: 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

It’s a Porsche. Can it truly be awful? I mean, really? Can it? We took it for a quick spin around Lake Lanier to find out.


The Porsche Macan Turbo is everything you can ask for from a luxury sport crossover. While we weren’t able to go all out in the Macan, we were able to put it through a few of its paces and the word nimble kept coming to mind. Traffic circles were handled with ease no matter how hard we pushed. Think of your favorite surefooted, stick-to-the-road coupe or sports sedan then imagine it with a bit of crossover practicality and you have the Porsche Macan Turbo.


The Porsche interior design guys love buttons. A lot. The stack is simple to the point of elegance with an easy to understand and navigate layout with audio controls under the infotainment screen. Everything else inside the vehicle is controlled by a series of buttons on the console surrounding the shifter. While the number of buttons is daunting, it also doesn’t help that the buttons are small with small icons to designate their use. One particular button we took issue with was the steering wheel warmer control. We accidentally hit the button and spent several minutes trying to locate it again to turn it off. We just as inadvertently discovered it between the bottom spokes on the steering wheel on the back of the wheel itself.

We admittedly didn’t spend a lot of time learning the infotainment system as time was short and we wanted to get as much drive time as possible. Audio controls were easy to use and the HVAC controls were easy enough once we found the right button on the console.


The Macan sports obvious Porsche DNA. From headlamp housing to the wraparound taillights, it is unquestionably Porsche. If you could morph the Panamera sedan into the midsize Cayenne crossover and stopped right in between the two you would get the Macan. A front end that is mostly wide open grille and a rear end that sports double dual exhausts make the Macan look 100% sports car.


The seats were comfortable while still bolstered enough to keep us firmly planted while exploring the dynamic extremes of the Macan’s handling. The rear seats were comfortable for two adults with slightly less support for sporty driving. The rear cargo area was impressively roomy. The Macan we drove was equipped with a divider system to keep cargo in place.


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images courtesy of Porsche


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