Audi’s Veterans To Technicians Program Makes 200th Hire

Two years after the program began, Audi has announced its Veterans to Technicians program has made its 200th hire.

The program matches former military personnel and those who are transitioning from all branches of the armed forces to opportunities in Audi dealerships across the nation.

“Our focus is exclusively on quality – not quantity,” said Bernard Hyland, program manager for CALIBRE Systems, of Alexandria, Virginia. CALIBRE is an Audi business partner that is facilitating the Audi Veterans To Technicians program.

“So to accomplish screening, interviewing and hiring 200 top-shelf individuals (roughly 100 per year) to meet our exacting standards means that Audi of America is setting up its dealer partners for success, and this program is paying off,” Hyland said.

To learn more about the Veterans to Technicians program, click here.

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