7 Most Luxurious Things About the All-New BMW 7 Series

BMW strives for perfection in their automobiles and the all-new 7 Series is no exception to the focus. As they begin to market the 7 Series as “sheer driving pleasure,” here are seven things about it that make their “new BMW masterpiece” stand out.

1.)  More dynamic handling. Sure it doesn’t sound luxurious at first but if you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a vehicle in the luxury segment then taken a drive in, say, a Nissan Leaf, you can instantly feel the difference in how it drives, rides, and the noises it lets in.

The 7 Series features an update to the Integral Active Steering system, “which can now be specified in conjunction with BMW xDrive, and the Executive Drive Pro system with active roll stabilisation and data-based predictive function, which is available for the first time. Electromechanical anti-roll bars reduce body roll under dynamic cornering and the active chassis control system adapts the dampers’ responses to ruts and bumps in the road.”

Drivers can also choose their handling and ride using settings such as ECO PRO and ADAPTIVE using the new Driving Experience Control switch.

2.)  It can read your hand signals. Gesturing toward the 3D sensor control infotainment screen can control the volume, accepting or rejecting phone calls and more. The iDrive system also allows drivers to pair a specific gesture to an individual function.

3.) It’s made for carting around the big whigs. BMW highlights the features available in the 750Li xDrive, BMW 740Li, BMW 730Ld and BMW 730Ld xDrive models specified with the optional Executive Lounge as:

  • Automatic air conditioning with 4-zone control
  • Electrically adjustable comfort seats with massage function in the rear
  • Active seat ventilation for all seats
  • Optional Executive Lounge Seating
  • Executive Lounge rear console
  • Rear-seat entertainment Experience with BMW Touch Command
  • A massage function that now also includes the Vitality Programme, allowing rear passengers to engage in active physical exercise for recuperation purposes
  • Executive Lounge Seating option which increases comfort in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat, and can slide forward by an additional 90 millimetres. Plus, it has an electrically extendable footrest integrated into its backrest.
  • Fold-out table, additional cupholders and the Touch Command system

4.)  They’re making it available with a panoramic glass roof. This isn’t just any glass roof. According to BMW, “When it gets dark, the light emitted from side-mounted LED modules is directed evenly onto the glass surface, where it hits an imprinted graphic. This creates an atmospheric motif mimicking a starry sky.”

5.)  It’s going to smell good too. If you thought air fresheners were only to cover up a stench, BMW’s offerings will change your outlook. The Ambient Air package ionises the air and generates a selection of eight aromas in the new 7 Series.

6.)  It backs itself out of parking spaces. Remote Control Parking allows the new 7 Series to, “manoeuvre in or out of forward-parking spaces or garages without anyone at the wheel. As such, the Remote Control Parking option allows drivers to access tight parking spaces with ease. The driver initiates the car’s progress forwards into or in reverse out of a space using the likewise newly developed BMW Display Key. While the car is carrying out the semi-automated manoeuvre, the driver watches out for obstacles.”

7.)  It also has i8 technology. This generation of the 7 Series will now come equipped with BMW Laserlight which is also available on the i8. The “laser headlights generate a particularly bright, pure white light,” and have the ability to provide up to 600 meters of high bean range- double the distance of  as well as providing a high-beam range of 600 metres, double that of typical LED headlights.

images courtesy of BMW

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