5 Ways Honda Made the Pilot Friendlier for Families

Honda has completely redesigned the Pilot for 2016. The much beloved full-size SUV is going to be sleeker and trendier on the outside. Here’s how it was made more family-friendly on the inside:

Redesigned center console – The next generation Honda Pilot comes with a center console that looks like the 2015 Toyota Highlander and 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe’s center consoles combined. Honda boasts that the new storage compartment is “cavernous” and fits a “full-size iPad or purse.” We’re willing to test it out but are holding our breath on the purse part of that.

More space in the third row – Designers have added 3.5 inches of vehicle length which they’ve translated into 1 inch of addition legroom for the third row. Is it enough for your family? Take them with you for a test drive to try it out before you commit.

Easier third row access – Honda has combined the one-touch second-row seat options available on the EX-L and above models with a larger third-row entryway giving third row passengers easier access to the space. Compared with the current Pilot, the width of the lower portion of the third-row lower entryway has been increased by 2.5 inches with an inch lower step-over height.

Larger cargo area – The 2016’s cargo area has increased by 1.3 inches in length making it more stroller, luggage and grocery storage friendly.

Additional ports and plugs – The new Pilot has five ports, an auxiliary jack, an HDMI port, two headphone jacks, and up to three 12-volt power outlets and a 115-volt AC outlet.

The 2016 Honda Pilot has a starting MSRP of $29,995 and is on sale now.

image courtesy of Honda


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