Kia Adds Charging Stations in Washington, Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is charged up and ready to go. Now, Soul EV drivers can go even further thanks to new charging stations and dealers selling the vehicle.

Twelve of 20 dealers are located in Washington state and eight in Oregon. In addition to each dealer being equipped with two Level-2 chargers (40 total in the PNW region), 10 of the dealers will also be up-fitted with DC fast chargers, increasing Kia’s overall network of fast-charging stations.  As an added value, select Kia dealers will allow Soul EV owners to charge their electrified urban runabout at no cost.


These new fast-chargers are in addition to the 414 already existing DC chargers, increasing fast-charger availability by 40 percent in the Seattle metro area and 15 percent statewide.  The four new chargers added to Oregon’s current network of 815 DC fast chargers will increase fast-charger availability by 15 percent in the Portland metro area and five percent statewide.

This fast charger can charge the Soul EV’s battery from empty to 80 percent in about 33 minutes, which will benefit those customers who are constantly on the go.

“With the level of interest the Soul EV has received in the eco-friendly states of Washington and Oregon, it was only natural for us to expand into the region and make our electrified urban passenger vehicle available to customers who not only want to be eco-conscious, but stylish as well,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president of product planning, KMA.  “Kia is committed to making sure Soul EV customers in the Pacific Northwest are adequately covered, which is why we’re also installing DC fast chargers and offering free charging at select dealers.”

image courtesy of Kia Motors


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