Lincoln Continental Concept Features 30-Way Seats

Remember how great it was the first time you rode in a car with electric seats? Get ready to have your mind blown.

The new Lincoln Continental Concept features 30-way seats. Who knew there were 30 ways to adjust a seat?!

“The next frontier to serve the luxury automotive client is a seat that conforms to and supports the body – a seat that feels as if it were personally tailored for you each time,” said Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor and technical expert.

With the 30-way seats, drivers are offered more adjustability, comfort and customization options than ever before. Lincoln boasts that the seats contain a “patented flexible comfort carrier” that has been influenced by researching first-class seating accommodations on airplanes.

“The new design of the Lincoln 30-way seats goes beyond the one-size-fits-all design seen in the past,” said Line. “It conforms to your body and supports it in ways not previously possible.”


In addition to positioning options, the Continental Concept’s seats offer massaging functions as well as heating options and cooling vents.

As of July 2015, over 50 patent disclosures related to the 30-way seats have been filed in the United States to date, with over 100 more disclosed or under review. Here’s a look at what can be adjusted:

Adjustment Number of Ways
Track 6
Recline 2
Head restraint 4
Upper back bolster support 2
Cushion extension 4 (two movements on each side)
Thigh support 4 (two movements on each side)
Lumbar 4
Bolster (back) 2
Bolster (cushion) 2
image courtesy of Lincoln

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