Mercedes Announces 2016 Model Updates, Pricing

With deliveries to dealerships arriving in August, Mercedes-Benz USA has announced pricing and product information for the 2016 GLC, G-Class, GLE (ML facelift), C450 AMG 4MATIC sedan, and GLE Coupe.


For MY16, the GL-Class includes 5 years of mbrace services as standard. Cinnabar Red metallic (151) is no longer a color option with Mercedes teasing a replacement, Cardinal Red, as an option for MY17.

GLC300 and GLC300 4MATIC

Arriving in dealerships in November 2015, the all-new GLC300 and GLC300 4MATIC (replacing the GLK) will have an MSRP of $38,950*(2WD) and $40,950* (4MATIC). Under the hood potential buyers will find a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline 4 cylinder engine that generates 241hp and 273lb-ft of torque and a new 9-speed automatic transmission. Inside the 2016 GLC riders will notice an increase of almost 5 inches in length and 2 inches in width providing a more spacious interior.


The G550 arrives at U.S. dealers in November. with an MSRP of $119,900. On its exterior, the vehicle features restyled bumpers, enlarged wheel arches, and larger standard 19″ 5-spoke wheels. Moving inside, potential buyers will see an It also updated instrument cluster and a brand-new, more fuel-efficient 4.0 V8 engine, rated at 416 hp (+34 hp) and 450 lb-ft (+59 lb-ft).


Priced at $139,900, the AMG G63 has seen its engine output increased to 563 hp (+27 hp) and maintains its powerful 560 lb-ft of torque since going on sale in 2012.

C450 AMG

The new C450 AMG is riced at $50,800 and is set to arrive at U.S. dealers in September. The vehicle  boasts a 3.0 liter biturbo V6 that has been uprated by AMG to produce 362 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque. Power is delivered to all four wheels courtesy of the AMG Performance 4MATIC system, which has a torque split of 33% to the front and 67% to the rear amounting in a 0-60 time of just 4.8 seconds.

GLE Coupe

We called it sexy when it debuted earlier this year and now buyers will be able to purchase the all-new 2016 GLE Coupe starting in August. The GLE Coupe will be offered in two AMG models; the Mercedes-Benz GLE450 AMG ($65,100), as part of the new family of AMG Sport models, and the Mercedes-AMG GLE63 S ($109,300).


For MY16, the SLK250 is replaced with the SLK300, which comes standard with the new 9-speed automatic transmission. A simplified packaging strategy (Base, Premium 1, Premium 2, Premium 3) is designed to reduce offering complexity. Additionally, in the SLK300/350, Blind Spot Monitor has become available outside of Driver Assistance Package for 2016 and paint color options have changed- in are Selenite Grey metallic (992) and Magno Shadow Grey (281) while Steel Grey (755) and Palladium Silver (792) are out.


The hardtop convertible has seen an increase in power, up 20 to 449hp for MY16. Selenite Grey metallic (992) becomes a color option for 2016 as Mercedes drops Omission of Steel Grey (755) and Palladium Silver (792).

The limited Mille Miglia Edition will consist of 400 units with special paint, upholstery and trim pieces.


Here’s when the entire MY 2016 product line will be in dealerships:

                                                                    Approx CY2015 on-sale date MSRP*
C300d 4M (NEW) Q1/2016 TBA
C300 (rwd) August $38,950
C300 4M August $40,950
C350e (PIH/New) Spring 2016 TBA
C450 AMG 4M (NEW) September $50,800
C63 AMG (rwd) August $64,700
C63 S AMG (rwd) August $72,700
E250 BlueTec April 14, 2015 $52,650
E250 BlueTec 4M April 14, 2015 $55,150
E350 (rwd) April 14, 2015 $53,100
E350 4M April 14, 2015 $55,600
E400 (rwd) April 14, 2015 $63,100
E400 4M April 14, 2015 $65,600
E63 4M S AMG April 14, 2015 $101,700
E350 4M April 14, 2015  $59,900
E63  S AMG 4M April 14, 2015 $104,300
E400 (rwd) April 14, 2015 $54,200
E400 4MATIC April 14, 2015 $56,700
E550 (rwd) April 14, 2015 $60,300
E400 (rwd) April 14, 2015  $62,250
E550 (rwd) April 14, 2015  $68,700
CLS CLS400 (rwd) July $66,900
CLS400 4M July $69,400
CLS550 (rwd) July $74,100
CLS550 4M July $76,600
CLS63 S AMG 4M July $107,800
Sedan / Maybach
S550e (PIH/New) September $95,650
S550 (rwd) August $95,650
S550 4M August $98,650
S600 (rwd) August $169,050
S63 AMG 4M August $143,250
S65 AMG (rwd) August $224,650
Mercedes-Maybach S600 (rwd) April 14, 2015  $189,350
S550 4M August $121,550
S63 AMG 4M August $163,150
S65 AMG (rwd) August $234,050
SL SL400 (rwd) July $85,050
SL550 (rwd) July $108,050
SL63 AMG (rwd) July $149,700
SL65 (rwd) July $217,550
SLK SLK300 (rwd) (NEW) July $47,000
SLK350 (rwd) July $59,200
SLK55 AMG (rwd) July $72,600
B B-Class Electric Drive October TBA
CLA CLA250 (fwd) October TBA
CLA250 4M October TBA
CLA45 AMG 4M October TBA
smart Coupe (Gasoline) (NEW) September TBA
Coupe (Electric) early July (carryover MY15) TBA
GLA GLA250 (fwd) October TBA
GLA250 4M October TBA
GLA45 AMG 4M October TBA
GLC GLC300 (rwd) (NEW) November $38,950
GLC300 4M (NEW) November $40,950
GLE GLE300d 4M (Diesel/NEW) August $52,500
GLE550e 4M (PIH/New) September – ZEV States only TBA
GLE350 4M (NEW) August $53,600
GLE350 (rwd) (NEW) August $51,100
GLE400 4M (NEW) August $64,600
GLE63 AMG 4M (NEW) August $99,950
GLE63 S AMG 4M (NEW) August $107,100
GLE450 AMG 4M (NEW) August $65,100
GLE63 S AMG 4M (NEW) August $109,300
G550 (4×4) November $119,900
G63 AMG (4×4) November $139,900
G65 AMG (4×4 / NEW) November $217,900
GL GL350 4M BlueTec August $64,550
GL450 4M August $66,200
GL550 4M August $91,300
GL63 AMG 4M August $121,100
GT AMG GT S (rwd / NEW) April 14, 2015 $129,900
image courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

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