Mazda Partners with WyoTech to Train Automotive Technicians

Mazda North American Operations is teaming up with WyoTech, a technical training institute with locations in Blairsville, Pennsylvania and Laramie, Wyoming to train the Mazda automotive technicians of the future.

As part of the three-year partnership, will train Mazda dealership personnel on advanced courses throughout the year, at no charge to the participants.

“Well-trained technicians are a key component to our customer’s satisfaction, so it is an honor to partner with WyoTech,” said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO. “Mazda is focused on improving the dealership experience and fixing customers’ cars right, the first time. We look forward to this WyoTech program supporting these initiatives and helping make top-tier technicians available to Mazda customers.”

The Mazda certification course offers a curriculum of web-based modules supplemented by instructor-led classes. To support the program, Mazda has donated more than 20 vehicles, specialized tooling and equipment, in addition to several current model year vehicles rotated out annually for current year technology.

Mazda estimates that its dealers will hire about 100 certified graduates from each campus location annually as entry-level technicians. For each pre-certified graduate a Mazda dealership hires, it saves roughly $6,000 that it would otherwise spend sending a new employee through required courses and training.

Beyond graduation, WyoTech alumni employed by Mazda dealerships will have the opportunity to continue their career development and pursue Master Technician certification through the dealership and existing Mazda Training Centers.

image courtesy of Mazda

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