Audi partners with Lincoln Tech to Train Service Technicians

Audi is eyeing brand growth in the United States and is teaming up with Lincoln Tech to hire, train and retrain thousands of service technicians in the coming years to help meet the needs of the company.

Lincoln Tech has been selected as the first participant in the Audi Education Partnership program. As part of the program, Lincoln Tech will provide Audi-specific career training at four campuses around the country, and Audi of America will provide curriculum and equipment for the program.

Audi projects that its dealership network will need approximately 4,500 technicians to keep up with service demands resulting from the Audi goal of greatly expanded sales over the next five years, up from about 2,900 technicians at Audi dealerships now. That level doesn’t take into account a predictable turnover in technicians, which lately in the industry has reached about 25 percent as auto brands compete for an under-supply of adequately trained technicians.

image courtesy of Audi


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