Honda Announces $210 Million Investment in Ohio

The automotive industry is trying hard to keep up with worldwide “go green” efforts. For companies that base their lifeblood around manufacturing, paint, and emissions, the process can be costly. Is the investment worth it? Honda hopes so.

The company has launched “Green Path,” an approach to reducing the total life-cycle environmental impact of its products and operations in North America. Part of that announcement was the news that Honda is investing $210 million in a new, more “environmentally responsible” vehicle painting facility at its Marysville, Ohio auto plant.

In addition to the plan, Honda’s “Green Path” approach “seeks to reduce or eliminate the use of substances of concern and scarce natural resources in the design of its vehicles, significantly reduce the CO2 intensity and water use of its manufacturing operations, continue to decrease CO2 emissions from the transportation of vehicles from its plants to dealers, and expand the involvement of U.S. Honda and Acura dealers.”

“When one thinks about what automakers can do to help the environment, the immediate thought is about improving fuel efficiency and developing alternatives to gasoline,” said Ryan Harty, manager of Honda’s Environmental Business Development Office. “We work every day on these issues. But there’s much more automakers can do beyond fuel efficiency to reduce our environmental impact by adopting energy efficiency and renewable energy throughout our operations.”

According to Honda, the new paint line will cut CO2 emissions in the painting process by 18 percent and reduce volatile organic compounds by 66 percent.

image courtesy of Wikipedia

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