Tesla (Finally) Introduces Their SUV

Boasting 250 miles of range, seating for seven and a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, Tesla‘s new SUV is remarkable just for those reasons alone. Add in the fact that the company has outfitted the new Model X with technology that you won’t find anywhere else in the automobile market.

Safety is a priority for Tesla. They’ve designed the Model X to have a floor-mounted 90 kWh battery that lowers the center of gravity which Tesla claims lowers the risk of a rollover by “about half that of any vehicle in its class.” The company also claims that the battery structure strengthens the vehicle against side impact intrusions and the front trunk acts as a crumple zone to help keep vehicle occupants safer in the event of an accident.

But wait, you want more safety? What about safety from bacteria and viruses? Model X has that too. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s medical grade HEPA filter works to remove pollen, bacteria, viruses and pollination from the air circulating around inside your vehicle.

Model X also uses radar and sonar technology to monitor traffic flows and intrusions, activating the brakes if necessary.

Parents, you can forget about worrying about your kids dinging the cars next to you in the parking lot when they open their doors. The Model X has (über cool) Falcon Wing doors that only need one-foot of clearance to operate. Tesla also points out that with the doors, “parents can buckle children in without ducking or straining and without bumping their child’s head on the roof.” There are four LATCH child seat attachments, two in each passenger row.

What about the view? The Model X has plenty of viewing options with the “largest all glass panoramic windshield in production, providing an unparalleled view of the stars and sky above. Optimized solar tinting and obstruction-free view creates unlimited visibility for the driver and all passengers.”

Like other SUVs, the Model X offers reclinable second row seats and a third row that can be stowed flat when not in use.

As if they had our Family 5 Test in mind, Tesla brags that the Model X has a front trunk, “large enough to hold two golf bags and the rear cargo area can easily hold large items like bicycles, skis and snowboards.”

Want one? Some outlets are reporting the cost of the Model X to be $132,000 but The Motley Fool recently dissected the clues Tesla has given us and predicts the figure could actually be as much as $50,000 less than that.

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