Cadillac Adds Fuel-Saving Technologies to 2016 Models

Cadillac is adding new fuel-saving technologies to their line-up in an effort to raise fuel economy ratings and reduce emissions in 2016 models.

Among the innovations the automaker is installing for the upcoming model year are Active Fuel Management and Automatic Stop/Start technologies along with widespread use of a new 8-speed transmission.

According to Cadillac, their, “all-new six cylinder engine contains Active Fuel Management, or cylinder deactivation, technology enabling it to seamlessly switch from six-cylinder to four-cylinder operation under certain light-load conditions, while maintaining excellent performance.  The new 3.6-liter engine is part of the 2016 ATS and CTS product lines.”

Exclude drivers will notice their V8 engines shifting into four-cylinder operations for many day-to-day driving operations.

Cadillac’s new Twin Turbo-powered CT6 prestige sedan is the only six-cylinder engine to combine turbocharging and Stop/Start technology.

image courtesy of Cadillac


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