First Impressions: 2016 Honda Pilot Elite

The Honda Pilot, already beloved by families across the country, has gotten much more than just a much-needed facelift for MY 2016. Now that it’s solidly out of the truck category and deep into SUV/CUV-land, does the all-new Pilot offer the features families want and need in a package that can compete with the expanding market?


Previous generations of the Pilot looked like a truck and drove like a truck. The third generation Pilot isn’t fun to drive. It handles like a minivan, something rather unexpected from a sleek looking SUV.


The infotainment design of the 2016 Pilot is very Hyundai and Toyota-like. The touchscreen in the HR-V and Pilot are identical with the volume control for the system rather annoyingly placed on the screen making changing the volume level harder than it really needs to be and an awkward stretch for the passenger.


The Pilot is all-new for 2016 and it’s quite evident with the brand pulling design lines from the HR-V and CR-V making the three-row vehicle more dynamic and curvier than ever. It now fits into the “new” Honda line-up nestled between the Odyssey and CR-V. However, that look has made the Pilot no longer unique with a body design that easily blends in on the road.


Where the Pilot excels is in the seating and storage. Honda has taken the best of what it has learned about family wants and needs from Odyssey and previous Pilot customers and combined them to create a vehicle that is both adult and child friendly.

You won’t need to put the third row down to have enough space for a multi-bag grocery run and you’ll be able to stow all your tailgate accessories without a problem.

Getting to the third row is a piece of cake with easily sliding and folding seats.


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