Ford Innovating Using Geckos as Inspiration

Not to be confused with GEICO, Ford is using geckos as inspiration as it seeks new adhesive technologies in partnership with Procter & Gamble.

As part of its bid to make vehicle production, assembly and disassembly more sustainable, Ford’s adhesive research aims to innovate a new substance that makes adhering foams to plastics and metals a process allowing for more recycling than is currently possible.

How does the gecko inspire? According to Ford, “the lizard’s toe pads allow it to stick to most surfaces without liquids or surface tension. The reptile can then easily release itself, leaving no residue.”

The collaboration between Ford and Proctor & Gamble is not the first time the automaker has developed technology inspired by nature, with Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford leading the charge in the company’s early years, sourcing natural substances from around the world.

image courtesy of Ford

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