Refine Your Volvo XC90 with a New Generation of Polestar Performance Optimisation

A new generation of Polestar Performance Optimisation is now available for the new Volvo XC90, marking the ability of a more refined driving experience for vehicle owners.

”The new XC90 is by far the most advanced car from Volvo in terms of chassis and drivetrain, making it a thrill for us to work with. The Polestar optimisation takes the dynamics and responsiveness of the XC90 another step forward from an already high base level,” said Niels Möller, COO of Polestar, the Volvo Cars Performance Brand.

 As part of the optimization, the VC90’s engine performance, throttle response, gearshift speed, gearshift precision and off-throttle response are all modified.

XC90 models available for Polestar optimization are the T6 and D5, with additional models set to be able to be optimized in the future.

Visit the Polestar model overview to see if your Volvo can be Polestar optimised.

image courtesy of Volvo

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