Audi Adds New Suite of Safety Technology in 2017 Models

When the 2017 Audi Q7 debuts at dealerships in early 2016, a new suite of safety technology will debut as well.

Working similar to OnStar in General Motors vehicles, Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services will provide Audi connect Emergency Response as part of the SOS call in Audi vehicles. The system will automatically coordinate an emergency services in the event of an airbag deployment. Customers will be able to request emergency assistance, if an emergency occurs, manually by pressing the SOS button in the overhead console.

Later, the service will be available on vehicles with the Audi connect Gen 2 system, which also includes the upcoming 2017 A4 and other models. Packaging will vary by vehicle.

Additionally, Audi’s uite of services will allow Audi owners to request roadside assistance, obtain service reminders, and remotely manage their vehicles, such as by locking and unlocking doors using an app on their smart phones or watches.

image courtesy of Audi

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