2017 Jaguar XE Adds Technology and Connectivity

Tablet style infotainment systems will most likely be commonplace in vehicles in the not-too-distant future while Wi-fi hotspots, smartphone connectivity and driver assistive safety technologies are practically industry standards. For MY 2017 Jaguar has upped their offerings in the XE to come into line with their lower-cost competitors.

For MY 2017, Jaguar has added their next-generation infotainment system, InControl Touch Pro, to the XE. The system is centered around a tablet-style 10.2-inch touchscreen. A Wi-fi hotspot in the sedan can accommodate up to eight devices.

InControl Touch Pro’s Commute Mode can learn your daily drive and, using historical and real-time traffic information, can suggest alternative routes that will help you to avoid congestion.

Once you get within 200 meters of the destination you’ve plugged into the navigation system, Approach Mode will show a 360° interactive street-level view of your destination next to the main navigation display: it can even direct you to the nearest available car parking spaces.

The automaker is also touting their infotainment smart functions including, “‘Play more like this’ which automatically compiles playlists, or Music Queue, which makes it easy to search for and add songs, albums or artists to a music queue while the current track is still playing.”

Jaguar’s Apple Watch app offers remote functions including fuel level check, lock and unlock, and even remote engine starts.

The system also features two USB ports and a dual-purpose HDMI/ MHL port, InControl Touch Pro offers a CD/DVD player.

The 2017 Jaguar XE will be on sale starting in spring 2016.

image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover


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