Super Bowl 50’s Car and Truck Commercials

Whether or not you were planted in front of a television screen to watch the Super Bowl, you’ll probably want to watch the commercials.

Acura NSX – Acura somehow convinced Van Halen to let them use Runnin’ with the Devil in ad (the first time ever that they band has okayed it) and used it as the background for a stunning look at every angle of the 2017 NSX.

Audi A8 – For this commercial, Audi tugged on all the heartstrings of the 30 year old and older crowd (undoubtedly their target audience) with a commercial featuring an aging astronaut who regains memories of his younger years while piloting the ever-sexy A8 as David Bowie’s Starman plays in the background.

Buick Cascada – Buick’s first-ever Super Bowl ad was a 30-second spot featuring the automaker’s all-new Cascada convertible, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and actress/model Emily Ratajkowski.

Honda Ridgeline – The 2017 Ridgeline is featured in a commercial that make you want to sing along. In the 60-second spot, “A New Truck to Love,” a wily herding dog and a flock of sheep sing classic Queen song, “Somebody to Love.”

Hyundai Elantra – How do you do distracted driving? In Hyundai’s “Ryanville” ad, every distraction a female duo encounters is filled with smiling, smirking or a meaningfully brooding Ryan Reynolds. The heartthrob is the perfect foil for Hyundai’s advanced safety features, which work to keep the distracted driver and passenger safe.

Hyundai Genesis – Nearly every father can appreciate the way Kevin Hart takes control of his daughter’s safety and security by not only allowing her date to drive his Genesis but also comically showing off Hyundai’s connectivity by tracking the location of the car via his smartwatch.

Hyundai Blue Link Remote Start – You talk. It starts. In the meantime, you can break free of bears that are hot on your tail in the way the ’85 Chicago Bears were all over a target.

Jeep – If Beyonce and Bruno Mars’ dance off didn’tt give you the warm fuzzies then there’s a chance the Jeep commercial feating 75 years of the history of the company did the trick.

Jeep – Rain, sleet, snow, a desert- anywhere you want to go, a 4×4 can take you. Jeep brings the spirit of driving a Jeep (really, any Jeep) to life in this commercial featuring a song by Morgan Dorr that is your next ear worm.

Kia Optima – It’s boring to be beige. Christopher Walken and Kia give you a reason to get more pizzaz in your life when Walken snaps his fingers and reveals a Bat Cave like extension to a closet revealing a snazzy Optima.

MINI – It doesn’t matter how different you are. MINI understands. In fact, it think you and it may be a perfect match. Plus, there’s a lot of celebrity appearances.

Toyota Prius – Can a Prius drive fast and nimbly enough to be a fun commuter vehicle? That coin has yet to be tossed but thanks to this commercial it’s fun to imagine.

Toyota RAV4 – If you were watching ESPN Deportes for the big game, you got to see an exclusive RAV4 commercial featuring a different take on a pool party.

Subaru Legacy – The only thing more adorable than a dog is a dog pretending to drive a car. The only thing more adorable than a dog pretending to drive a car is a dog pretending to drive a car because his puppy won’t fall asleep any other way. America just swooned.


Editor’s Note:  Toyota introduced a number of new commercials for their products but Heck on Wheels is the only commercial they were promoting as being a specially produced for the Super Bowl.

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