North American Buyers Account for 50 Percent of Acura’s Sales Since 1986

Just 10 days before Acura marks its 30th anniversary, the automaker has announced that more than 50 percent of the brand’s cumulative sales since the brand’s inception in 1986 have been made in North America.

That works out to 2.6 million cars and SUVs made in North America and cumulative sales of 4.2 million vehicles.

“Acura was born in America 30 years ago and its U.S. roots run very deep with many significant vehicles developed and built in this region,” said Tom Shoupe, executive vice president and COO of Honda of America, Mfg., Inc.  “Our manufacturing teams are proud to have played such a large role in the history of the Acura brand and with serial production of the NSX about to begin, our associates are more focused than ever on delivering precision crafted performance to our Acura customers.”

The 2017 Acura NSX is set to become the fourth Acura vehicle built exclusively in America, to be produced at the new, dedicated Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. Other products manufactured in the United States include the ILX, TLX and RDX in Ohio and the MDX in Alabama.

Additionally, starting in 2017, the Acura MDX will be dual sourced from the company’s Lincoln, Alabama and East Liberty, Ohio plants.

image courtesy of Acura

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