FordPass to Debut in 2017 Escape

Technology and mobility collide with the introduction of FordPass. When the 2017 Ford Escape debuts in showrooms in May, with it so will available SYNC Connect technology that gives FordPass members remote access to their vehicle from their mobile device.


How does it work? SYNC Connect enables drivers to use the new FordPass platform to lock, unlock and locate their Escape, as well as schedule remote starts and check fuel level.

How do you get it? SYNC Connect is included in the Technology Package on Escape SE and is a standard offering on Escape Titanium.

Is it secure? Owners enable SYNC Connect through a two-step verification process to protect personal information, confirming setup on both the app and vehicle touch screen.

Does it cost anything? The service is provided for five years at no cost to customers.

The service will be available in the Ford Fusion later this year then roll out to other vehicles.


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