Acura Announces 2017 MDX Fuel Economy Ratings and Pricing

The 2017 Acura MDX will undoubtedly prove to be a solid seller amongst families. The automaker has just revealed the SUV’s fuel economy statistics and pricing for the 2017 model.

2017 MDX Pricing and EPA Fuel Economy Ratings

Trim Name EPA Estimates MSRP
MDX (FWD) 19/27/22 $43,950
MDX (FWD) with Technology Package 19/27/22 $48,360
MDX (FWD) with Technology and Entertainment Packagese 19/27/22 $50,360
MDX (FWD) with Advance Package (with Idle Stop) 20/27/23 $54,400
MDX (FWD) with Advance & Entertainment Packages (with Idle Stop) 20/27/23 $56,400
MDX (SH-AWD) 18/26/21 $45,950
MDX (SH-AWD) with Technology Package 18/26/21 $50,360
MDX (SH-AWD) with Technology & Entertainment Packages 18/26/21 $52,360
MDX (SH-AWD) with Advance Package (with Idle Stop) 19/26/22 $56,400
MDX (SH-AWD) with Advance & Entertainment Packages (with Idle Stop) 19/26/22 $58,400

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