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Toyota Kicks Off Online Mirai Sales Today

Starting today, California customers are able to point their browsers to and order their own 2016 Toyota Mirai. The Mirai, a sedan fueled by a hydrogen fuel cell, combines hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity onboard, while emitting nothing but water vapor. It has the highest EPA estimated driving range rating of any zero emission electric vehicle on the market, at

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No Joke: Toyota Mirai Fueled by Bullsh*t

That smell your hands get from pumping your own gas. It lingers as a tell-tale sign that you’ve been fueling up. Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell technology is even stinkier… when it starts out. The automaker has tapped award-winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to show how calling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles “bullsh*t” isn’t far from the truth. Spurlock has directed a 3-minute

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