Thinking about upgrading the family truckster? Wondering if the sedan you are shopping for can fit two car seats and groceries in the back seat? Will that new van your looking at fit Fido in the back? We’re here to get you answers to all the questions you ask when your family is thinking about purchasing a new or used vehicle.

What do we test as part of our review?

Drive My Family tests each vehicle in a variety of everyday traffic situations. Whether its stop-and-go in the city, a two lane rural road, or a major highway, you will hear about how the vehicle handles in each situation. We’ll tell you about the cruise control, sound system, center console, handling, steering and observations that we have while taking extended test drives.

We rate each vehicle in everyday family oriented driving and living situations- errands we run, commuting to meetings, the morning coffee run, heading off for a long weekend away, picking the kids up from school. We’ll tell you what we liked, what we didn’t like and hold nothing back.

Who brings Drive My Family to my screen?

Here are DMF, we’re a husband and wife team.  He has thousands of hours of on-the-job advanced driving skills training and practical use. She has thousands of hours of marketing and social media experience. Together they’re raising their family to love Top Gear, correctly spell Csaba Csere and not complain about road trips.

The Drive My Family Promise:

  1. We won’t overwhelm you with jargon. Not everyone is a mechanic and we don’t fancy ourselves to be as knowledgeable as Chad Knauss. We’ll write and discuss in terms everyone can understand.
  2. We won’t show you pictures of the kids. Can you imagine if the pictures your parents had taken of you as a child, tween and teen were saved to be shown to anyone in the world at any time? Scary thought. Yeah, we’re not going to do that to them.
  3. We will be honest, even if it’s brutal.
  4. We won’t take compensation to write a positive review. Our relationships with dealers, owners and manufacturers will not influence a review or recommendation.
  5. We will work with brands to bring you the best material. We do receive complementary trips to test drive vehicles but we don’t let who is picking up the check influence our opinions of the vehicles.

First Impressions:

Sometimes we get invited to try out a car for a test drive during events. We use those opportunities to tell you about our first impressions- a cursory overview of the vehicle we drove. We’ll tell you what we liked and didn’t like, as always, and give you some insights into the driving experience.

One comment

  • Your blog is awesome and it is a refreshing change from those car reviews blogs that review cars that most people can’t afford. I will be sure to check back for more posts. Keep up the good work! If you ever want to check out reviews of cars that are not as “family oriented”, check out my blog (rnrautoblog.com)! But anyways, keep up the good work!

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