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10 Must-Do Road Trip Tips

Getting ready for your family’s next big road trip? Here are some timeless tips to make your journey smoother: 1.) Leave extra room when you pack. Between the brochures and souvenirs, you’ll need the extra space. Plus, if you forget something you’ll need to be able to have room to pack the replacement you purchased for the trip home. 2.) Eat local.

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10 Family Travel Destinations Within One Energi Charge of Atlanta

Ford’s newest plug-in hybrid, the Fusion Energi SE, has an estimated range of 620 miles when starting with a full tank of gas and fully charged battery.  Since we’re located in Atlanta, we wondered where we could go and get home on one charge and one tank of gas. Here are ten of our favorite options: 1.)  Charleston, South Carolina (298 mi in each direction) –

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8 Miles to the Gallon & $1,000,000+ of Luxury

With eight Samsung LED LCD flat screens, an electronic liquor-dispensing system, rain shower with integrated LED lighting in the ceiling, two televisions in the drivers area, sky lounge rooftop, pop-out patio, ice machine, fridge, full-sized grill, six-foot long table and surround sound you’ll never need to actually leave home to feel the luxury lifestyle. But, you can and you’ll get 8

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