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Cadillac Introduces Black Chrome Package for ATS and CTS

Want your Cadillac with a little more bling? The automaker has introduced the Black Chrome Package for Cadillac ATS Sedan and Coupe and Cadillac CTS Sedan. The ATS Black Chrome Package is available on the 2.0T & 3.6L Luxury Collection RWD & AWD as well as the 2.0T & 3.6L Performance Collection RWD & AWD and includes “After Midnight” premium paint finish

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No Joke: Toyota Mirai Fueled by Bullsh*t

That smell your hands get from pumping your own gas. It lingers as a tell-tale sign that you’ve been fueling up. Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell technology is even stinkier… when it starts out. The automaker has tapped award-winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to show how calling hydrogen fuel cell vehicles “bullsh*t” isn’t far from the truth. Spurlock has directed a 3-minute

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Scion Set to Bring Three Models to Market for “Independently Minded” Individuals

Never really understood what the Scion brand was all about? The toaster-like xB never really do it for you? Get ready for what Scion has next. The square bodied Scion days are over as new body styles are being introduced from the manufacturer in 2015 including a new sedan that will be introduced in April at the New York International Auto Show

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