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Review: 2016 Mazda3 S 5-Door Grand Touring

It seems when we put together a list of compact cars the Mazda3 doesn’t immediately come to mind. It usually makes the bottom of the list; however, every time we see one we are struck by what a good looking sporty little car it is, especially the 5-door. After spending a week with a 2016 Mazda3 S 5-Door Grand Touring,

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5 Things Families Will Love About the 2017 Mercedes GLS

Mercedes has done more than just give the GLS a facelift for MY 2017. Among the highlights of the revised model are these five things families will love: The drive is better. Let’s face it, it’s not always about hauling around the kids. The new generation of GLS features additional DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes over its predecessor’s offerings, improved air

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First Impressions: 2016 Honda Pilot Elite

The Honda Pilot, already beloved by families across the country, has gotten much more than just a much-needed facelift for MY 2016. Now that it’s solidly out of the truck category and deep into SUV/CUV-land, does the all-new Pilot offer the features families want and need in a package that can compete with the expanding market? Handling Previous generations of the Pilot looked

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