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Chrysler Celebrates 90th Anniversary with Limited Edition Models

The past decade has been filled with bold model redesign and new product introduction. Chrysler looks forward to 2016 by celebrating it’s 90th year in business with a fleet of limited edition anniversary models. “Ninety years ago, Walter P. Chrysler laid the foundation for a philosophy that still works today – craftsmanship, beautiful design, innovation and technology, all at an affordable price,”

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Take an Interactive Plant Tour From Your Home

Don’t have the funds or the want-to needed to visit Chrysler’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in Michigan? Thanks to Chrysler’s partnership with Google, you won’t have to. Visitors to chrysler200factory.com can take a fully interactive tour of Chrysler’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant and the new Chrysler 200 from their couch, chair at the beach, or mountaintop escape. The tour features 360° interactive photography

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