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Nissan Expands “No Charge to Charge” to 11 New Markets

Nissan has expanded its “No Charge to Charge” promotion to 11 new markets making it now available in 38 markets nationwide. The newest cities added to the program include: Chattanooga, Tennessee; Cincinnati; Cleveland/Akron; Columbia, S.C.; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit; Knoxville, Tennessee; Las Vegas; Pittsburgh; Providence, R.I.; and Reno, Nevada. Other cities the program is available in include: Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Baltimore,

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GMC to Introduce Rear Seat Reminder in 2017 Acadia

Each year, half of the children under the age of 14 who die of heatstroke, perish because they were forgotten inside a vehicle. GMC’s latest technology offering looks to help parents remember they have a back seat passenger. Rear Seat Reminder, which will be introduced in the family-friendly 2017 Acadia, works by monitoring the Acadia’s rear doors. The feature is intended

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