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Kia Adds to Brand Luxury with 2016 Rio Sedan Unveiling

Kia prides itself in a luxury-eque experience without the price tag and they’ve upped the ante on their subcompact sedan offering, the Rio, poising it to fit into line with the new brand’s other offerings. Starting with the debut of the 5-Door Rio at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, consumers got a peek at the future of the Kia Rio, a

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Scion Set to Bring Three Models to Market for “Independently Minded” Individuals

Never really understood what the Scion brand was all about? The toaster-like xB never really do it for you? Get ready for what Scion has next. The square bodied Scion days are over as new body styles are being introduced from the manufacturer in 2015 including a new sedan that will be introduced in April at the New York International Auto Show

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Review: 2013 Ford Focus SE

Open road, winding hills, and a hot hatch fully loaded with a family. Does the 2013 Ford Focus SE fit your family’s everyday needs? We put it to the test. Under the Hood: We didn’t expect blow-your-doors-off power from this compact hatchback, and we didn’t get it. That’s not to say we were disappointed by the 160HP four cylinder engine

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