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Toyota Reveals Scion Name Change Plans

Some Scion models are saying goodbye while others are getting new life as Toyota branded products. Here is what Toyota has planned. Scion FR-S The FR-S has gotten gotten a few upgrades and as the new Toyota 86, it’s received some restyling for MY 2017. The Toyota 86 will debut in showrooms in the fall. Scion iM The brand’s hot,

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Scion Launches Brand’s First-Ever Sports Sedan

When you think sporty and Scion, you automatically think of the FRS. From there, you’re probably at a loss. In September, the all-new Scion iA comes to a showroom near you. With the no-haggle pricing Scion employs, families will know how much they’re going to spend when they walk through the showroom door. The MSRP of $15,700 for the 6-speed manual transmission

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Scion Gives Families Two More Budget-Friendly Options in iA and iM

When families are shopping for vehicles, many still consider Scion to be the new quirky kid on the block. What most probably don’t know about the brand is that it’s owned by Toyota. That’s right, the same company that puts out Lexus and Toyota vehicles puts out Scion as well. Intrigued? You should be. Scion is upping their family-friendly, mainstream-looking options with two

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