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2017 Prius Prime is One High Tech Hybrid

There’s hybrid technology then there’s hybrid technology loaded with infotainment and safety technology. That’s where the 2017 Prius Prime comes in. When it hits the road, the new plug-in Prius model will get 120 or above MPGe, a 26-percent enhancement over its predecessor. It also has a higher battery capacity. Drivers will also be able to drive at up to 84 mph without

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Toyota Gives Prius C Safety Upgrades, Special Edition for 2016

The Prius is all-new for 2016 and now Toyota has announced that its smaller sister is getting a safety upgrade and special edition for MY 2016 as well. Safety Upgrades The new-for-2016 Toyota Safety Sense-C system (TSS-C) equips the car with driver-assist technologies: Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Assist, and Automatic High Beams. In addition the Prius c is equipped with nine airbags strategically located to help protect

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Toyota Reveals More Aggressive, Economical Prius for 2016

Last night, Toyota unveiled the 2016 Prius that features smaller, lighter hybrid system components, higher-energy density in the batteries, and an internal combustion engine touting ground-breaking thermal efficiency (more than forty percent) leading to an estimated 10-precent boost in fuel economy. Exterior From nose to tail, the 2016 Prius is a more aggressive looking model than ever before. Sharp headlamps and

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