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How Close Can You Safely Sit to the Steering Wheel?

We’ve all seen them. They’re in traffic, hands gripped to the wheel for dear lift, nose almost touching the wheel, staring intently ahead at the red light. Is it safe? No. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) advises all adults keep a 10-inch minimum between their breastbone and the air bag cover. To ensure you’re seated in the safest position,

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TireRack.com’s 6 Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

Despite taking every precaution possible to stay safe on the road, the biggest danger isn’t in black ice, other drivers or the freezing cold: it’s your tires. Tires can make a world of a difference and save lives – the numbers are staggering: in 2011, winter weather contributed to 2,800 fatalities. Despite years behind the wheel, most people don’t know how to properly outfit

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10 Must-Do Road Trip Tips

Getting ready for your family’s next big road trip? Here are some timeless tips to make your journey smoother: 1.) Leave extra room when you pack. Between the brochures and souvenirs, you’ll need the extra space. Plus, if you forget something you’ll need to be able to have room to pack the replacement you purchased for the trip home. 2.) Eat local.

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